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Bloodpoints Earned
Survivors Saved
Survivors Killed
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Skill Checks
Gens Repaired
Survivors Healed
Hatch Escapes
Hatches Closed
Skill Checks Gens Repaired Survivors Healed Hatch Escapes Hatches Closed Perfect Games (Survivor) Perfect Games (Killer) Generators repaired with no perks equipped Items Depleted Chests Searched Exit Gates Opened Hex Totems Cleansed Hex Totems Blessed Kobed Protection hits for unhooked survivor Protection hits while a survivor is been carried Hooks Sabotaged Obsessions healed Basic attack or projectiles dodged Beartrap Catches Uncloak Attacks Blink Attacks Killed all 4 survivors with tier 3 Evil Within Phantasms Triggered Evil Within Tier Ups Shock Therapy Hits Hatchets Thrown Pulled into Dream State Reverse Bear Traps Placed Cages of Atonement Lethal Rush Hits Lacerations Possessed Chains Condemned Survivors slammed into another survivor Survivors damaged while actively pursued by a Guard Tail Attacks Survivors hit 3 seconds after performing a Scamper Obsessions Sacrificed Survivors grabbed while repairing a gen Survivors grabbed while hiding inside a locker Survivors interrupted while cleansing a totem Survivors downed while carrying a survivor Generators damaged while undetectable Survivors downed with a Hatchet (24+ meters) Survivors downed with a Chainsaw (Bubba) Survivors downed while Intoxicated Survivors downed after Haunting Survivors downed while in Deep Wound Survivors downed while having max sickness Survivors downed while marked (Ghostface) Survivors downed while using Blood Fury Survivors downed while Speared Survivors downed while Victor is clinging to them Survivors downed while contaminated Survivors downed while using Dire Crows Survivors downed during nightfall Survivors downed while exposed by Lock On mechanic Survivors downed or injured while hindered Survivors downed while suffering from oblivious Survivors downed while Exposed
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